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Saturday, October 19, 2019
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lucius gantt

TGR: The Chosen One

    Ever since the earliest times of slavery days, Black people in America have worked on a variety of jobs, in a...
lucius gantt

TGR: You Are The One

    On any given day, someone is your community is waiting for something!      They wait on God to shower them with financial...
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TGR: The Silence of the Wolves

Don’t be so surprised if your political representatives, coworkers, classmates, neighbors and friends are reluctant to criticize President Donald Trump’s racist comments and Tweets...
lucius gantt

The Cracker Jack

   I believe so-called big issues the National Democratic Party will focus on to generate votes in upcoming elections are Obamacare, gun...
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TGR: Political Perpetrators

In 2020, someone you know, or know of, will be running for a political office.     Obviously, most candidates...
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In 2019, the political losers are getting paid

In 1787, a group of political activists in America began to call themselves the Federalists, largely created by Alexander Hamilton as the...
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2020 Election

In 1787 a group of political activists in America began to call themselves The Federalists, the first political party, largely created by Alexander Hamilton,...

The Banned Man

Almost every day someone is “banned” from a social media site. Black religious leaders, Black community activists and even some Black journalists...
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TGR: Give Me A Break

When a woman tells her spouse or committed man that she needs “a break”, it could mean a number of things.       The...
lucius gantt

TGR: Impeachment Delayed is Impeachment Denied

Black people that I know love peaches. They enjoy peach pie, peach cobbler, peach soda and peach flavored ice cream.       But there...