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Dear Sandy B:
This past summer I attended the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. I am still wondering about what was going on with Beyonce’s performance. It was something weird and not at all like the Beyonce that I went to see and have admired for so long. This weird performance went on for about thirty minutes, then she started performing like I had expected.
Do you have any idea of what all that weirdness was about in the beginning of her performance?
Winter Park
Dear Yvette:
I happened to be at the same show that you were at. My mouth stayed wide open as all I could think was “what in the “H” is this mess that is goin’ on”.  When the weird music started and then the weird photos of strange people popped up on the screen, I thought maybe a horror show was about to take place. Beyonce “took the cake” when she came out looking like “little black riding hood” in that black hooded cape. I ain’t about to rap about something I ain’t got no knowledge about. However, the word on the street is that Beyonce and Jay Z are now involved in some kind of secret organization/religion for the rich and powerful known as ILLUMINATI. Their money is large, but I hope there are not confused about the kind of loot that folks have around the world in this group; what they have is pennies compared. Check it out on Google.
Dear Sandy B:
I have friends that jump from church to church, and every year they actually join a new church. They have joined six churches in ten years. They always find fault with the minister, mainly, among other things. They actually get on me for staying at the church that I have attended all of my life even though I am not always happy with some of the things that that go on. Please comment.
Dear Marsha: I suggest that you do what makes you happy. Some folks ain’t  gonna never be happy, and quittin’  and complaining is what they do. I wonder how involved that got in those six churches. I’ve learned that every church has something that you may not like; If it meets your needs most of the time, consider yourself lucky.
Grandma’s Gem: Your ego may not always be your friend.

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