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Jilli, That’s Silly: A Story About Being a Girl

Jilli, That’s Silly: A Story About Being a Girl
Written by Christa Carpenter Illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams

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Mark Wayne Adams Inc
P. O. Box 916392, Longwood Fl 32791-6392
9781596160156, $14.95 www.amazon.com

Jillian Wallaby is a 7 year old girl who does lots of silly things that make the book pleasurable to see how juvenile she can be while her mom tries to understand her daughter. Mark Wayne Adams artwork adds to the story, especially when Jilli’s mom is brushing her hair. Jilli makes faces into the mirror. This is one example of how Adams’ artwork complements the story. “Jilli, That’s Silly!” has several positive messages to kids and parents as well, that make the book fun to read.

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