Niki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick


Niki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick
By Marina

Leo Publishing
9780983473541, $19.95

There are several things I liked abut “Nikki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick”. Among them are the fact that the author did all of the artwork, the bold colors add a dimension of fun to the story and that it is told by the narrator Mr. Wolfgang Spinsilk, the spider. The problem I found was there are several different writings on the pages that do not seem to have the same focus. One example is, one of the character’s room at home is a mess then there is an explanation for the origins of manners. I do not see how the two are related. The author does this throughout the work. I also do not know what age group this is for, even though it says for ages 6 and up. I guess I am not in the age group that fits to understand “Nikki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick”

Reviews by Gary Roen