That Pet Finder Kid Catnapped


That Pet Finder Kid Catnapped
Scott Clements

Outskirts Press Inc
10940 South Parker Road, #515, Parker, CO 80134
9781460068513, $7.95,

From sports to music, 13 year old Chet Parker fails at anything he ever attempts to do. He also does not fit in with other kids at school. That’s why he is more into animals because they love you no matter what you do, he thinks.

When he takes his dog to the vet something happens and he gets the shot meant for his dog. A short time later he is aware that he can sense what animals around him are thinking and his sense of smell is increased. He learns that Heather, a fellow student, lets him know her cat Mr. Fluff Fluff is gone, and she thinks he has run away.

Chet aids her and realizes that for some reason someone has stolen her cat. Later there is a ransom note and now Chet has a purpose, that being who took her cat. Chet also becomes friends with a new neighbor and a severely overweight kid named “Ton” who has the reputation of eating kids he does not like.

Scott Clements who works on the hit USA network series “Burn Notice” is also a very talented writer of YA novels this being one of them. Chet and all the characters in the novel are well defined in a story that rapidly moves along to the revealing ending where readers find out who stole the cat.

That Pet Finder Kid Catnapped is a first class YA mystery novel that would make a great series of adventures for amateur detective Chet Parker.