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The Tyger Voyage

The Tyger Voyage
Richard Adams & Nicola Bayley
David R. Godine Publisher
Post Office Box 450
Jeffrey New Hampshire 03452
9781567924916, $15.95 www.amazon.com

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When I saw the name Richard Adams I thought is this the same one who wrote “Watership Down?” I wondered because it has been a long time since I had seen anything new from that author. I am pleased to say it is the same writer and like “Watership Down” “The Tyger Voyage” deals with animals with human characteristics who go on a bold quest. This time Adams has geared the story to a younger audience also writing in poetic form instead of prose and there is artwork by Nocola Bayley that further enhances the tale. “The Tyger Voyage” would make a perfect animated movie for all ages.

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