Red Sneaker Writer’s Book Series


Story Structure The Key to Successful Fiction,
Sizzling Style Every Word Matters,
Dynamic Dialogue Letting Your Story Speak,
Creating Character Bringing Your Story to Life,
Perfecting Plot Charting the Hero’s Journey
William Bernhardt
Red Sneaker Press
c/o Babylon Books
97814844024896, 9780989378970, 9780989378949, 9780989378901, 9780989378925

All five of these titles are part of The Red Sneaker Writer’s Book Series that are a great resource for any new writer to read and learn many different tricks of the trade. Bernhardt, who is a bestselling author of legal thrillers, gives many insightful tips on how to write better by the use of dialogue, character development, and many other aspects that starting out writers often forget. He also has many different quotes from fellow writers that also are very helpful as well as good and bad examples for novice authors to learn the craft of writing. The Red Sneakers Writers Books Series is one of the best series because there is so much information that is easy to follow and learn how to be a better novelist.