Four More Years of Rick Scott and the Republican Machine


Congratulations to Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Republican Party. The Republicans in Florida vote, their organized, and they show up at the polls. They are well funded, and they control most of the high level positions in the state and the counties.

Rick Scott only beat Charlie Crist by 1 percentage point, but it goes down as a win for the Republicans. The Democrats were close but it gets us no cigar. In Florida the Republicans focus on their core super voters, and they also get independents to support their message. It is a winning formula, and the Republican leadership does not deviate from the plan.

The Black community is completely ignored in terms of campaigning, nothing is promised, and therefore nothing is expected. But I disagree with this thinking, because we pay our taxes, and our community must demand a larger piece of the funding and resource pie in Florida. Even though Democratic candidates lost the election in 2014, they must still challenge the governor and his administration.

Four more years of Rick Scott does not mean he is allowed to implement his polices without opposition, if they are wrong for the citizens of the state and Black people. It is time for the Democrats to block and obstruct bills, policies, and executive orders, which are against the middle class, seniors and poor Floridians. The struggle and fight is a protracted battle, and it must be fought in the courts, the legislature, the media, and in the streets.

The present leadership in the Florida Democratic Party must be fired and there must be a more diverse group which is a reflection of the state. Blacks and Hispanics must be voted into leadership positions, and there is a need to increase the level of fundraising in the party. The national media keeps calling Florid a purple state, but the Republicans control both the Houses, and they control the state cabinet positions.

It is obvious that conservative and Tea Party policies, will be the dominate initiatives that will be pushed in the 2015 legislative session. To begin with, Governor Scott and his administration will work to privatize everything from education, prisons, and government agencies. They will continue to expand gun rights, and Florida becomes the Wild West of the south, with everyone walking around with a concealed weapon. Also they will attack unions, collective bargaining, and workers rights.

Just because, the Democrats lost the election in 2014, it does not mean that we lie down and let the Republicans walk on us. We must keep fighting and resist policies that are against our core beliefs. We must continue to organize and build a powerful infrastructure of committed Democrats, who are looking to take control of one of the Houses in 2016. Remember there is an election every two years and we must be ready to win.