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Neurotic November

Neurotic November
Barbara Levenson
4900 LaCross Rd., North Charleston, SC 29406
9781500519452, $10.50 www.amazon.com

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Mary Magruder Katz is back in action in the fourth novel of the series “Neurotic November”. This time she has several cases unfolding at the same time. One involves an athlete who is accused of sexual misconduct while a private investigator her firm uses is blamed for the murder of her secretary’s former husband while she also has to defend her boyfriend’s father in another case. Her plate is full but she also has to deal with her parents and their issues. Levenson moves the story along with tight writing, believable characters and tense situations that unfold throughout this great addition to this fun series. “Neurotic November” is a page turner legal thriller that will have readers asking for more.

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