Paradise Suzanna Style


Paradise Suzanna Style
Suzanna Leigh
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“Paradise, Suzanna Style” is the actress Suzanna Leigh talking to readers about her life in the film industry. She was lucky enough to have worked with Elvis Presley, Roger Moore, Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis, and Thelma Ritter and now tells lots of interesting stories about them and other actors. She also deals with her mother who was never really there for her, how she stood up to major producers, her drive and ambition to become a film star, and lots more. There are many aspects that deal with Elvis that include the sections of the book, the title that is a play on one of the Elvis pictures, and her brother sister relationship, as well as the day he died and how she learned of his passing.

“Paradise Suzanna Style” is a behind the scenes look at the film industry of many years ago and how it is very different today. .