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Rappin’ With Sandy B

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December 4, 2014

Dear Sandy B: Every day that I go to work, folks can’t seem to stop talking about Mike Brown and Ferguson. On the one hand I am angry as I can be about that cop killing Brown, but I can’t understand why we always do things to hurt each other and destroy the property of those within our own communities. Since everyone had a feeling that cop was not going to be acquitted, there should have been some sort of plan just in case. I’d like to know your thoughts about this whole thing.


Dear Melissa: It would take a book to rap on my thoughts about what happened to Mike Brown and the Ferguson community. From jump, if that punk cop had just honked his horn at Mike and his friend to get out the street with a casual wave, none of this would have happened. Real men don’t have to break bad to prove themselves. I also believe in the higher power who directs our paths and I pray for Mike’s parents. Just keep step daddy home until he pulls up his pants. With folks steppin’ up all over the country, Holder and now Obama, I think our higher power has a plan to not let Mike Brown’s death be in vain. I also think we need the strategies of Malcolm and Martin. When I first moved to Orlando, a very powerful sister said to me, “you be the lady, and I’ll curse ‘em out for you”.  Sometimes things don’t happen until we get a little funky. It’s time for the nation to get shook up and not think we are so laid back that they can do any ole’ thing to us. Just like in the Civil Rights Movement, there were folks from all races and ethnic groups; I take off my hat to them ‘cause they puttin’ themselves out there marching just like us. It’s time for some adjustments to be made with the folks in blue, “’cause ain’t nobody got time for this”.

Dear Sandy B: What’s with these football players abusing their wives and kids. Don’t they have enough banging and beating each other up on the football field.  What do you think makes them go off like they want to keep hurting folks, especially those close to them?

Winter Park

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Dear Tiffany:  Anger goes up my spine when I think of those football players with gorilla strength abusing their own people, especially their children. That Adrian Peterson should be run over naked by his whole team with spikes on, so he can get a taste of real pain. His son’s body looked like he had put him on a bar-b-que grill, the marks were everywhere. That punk and the other punk Rice had the nerve to make an appeal when they should have been hiding their, punk behind, faces with shame. Peterson’s kid didn’t have a chance, but our gold diggin’, low self esteem sisters gotta get some help and stop hangin’ on to mess because of fear or greed.

Grandma’s Gem: “I’m just sayin’ what I’m sayin’”.

Write to Sandy B at: rappinsandyb@gmail.com

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