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President Obama ‘Reprimanded’ for Making Jokes on Colbert’s Show

As the president continues to improve the quality of life for all Americans, he is being criticized every day. It does not matter what the reason or the subject matter, there is always something wrong, when t the president speaks. Our president is always caught between a rock and a hard place.

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Even when, he decides to have some fun, and talk to the younger generation, some conservatives think it is inappropriate to tell jokes and laugh at himself. At times it gets ridiculous, when certain media outlets and leaders try to tell President Obama what TV late show he can appear on, and what he should be doing. I guess they think our president should be gloomy, and in the White House burning the midnight oil, reading reports and solving the world’s problems.

The criticism comes from both black and white, and after six years of being in office our president has tough skin, and he is not backing down from criticism. In six years he has appeared on the Leno and Fallon “Tonight” shows, the “Letterman” shows, “The Daily Show,” “The View,” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and the audiences have always had a great time. Some political experts argue that the president has won two terms, because he is a pioneer in connecting different target markets on TV, and everyone looks at television.

Last week on “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central, the president and Stephen Colbert had a great time at a special show originating from Washington, at a crowed auditorium at George Washington University. I guess the president’s critics think he should only be thinking about the mess the country and the world is in, but I am sure that humor has helped the president survive the last six years.

On Colbert’s show, the president was the only guest, and he knows how to deliver a punch line and his timing is impeccable. The president starts the show by doing a monologue, which he is highly critical of his own policies and ObamaCare. Only the president can get away at poking fun at himself, and come away with dignity and respect.

Comedians have always used their jokes as education, and the president used jokes on the Colbert’s show to advocate for his polices, and get the youth market to sign up for the ACA. During the second half of the show, the president got more serious and talked about his executive order on immigration and the challenge of working with a Republican majority in both Houses.

The amazing thing about President Obama is that earlier in the day, he gave a ricocheting interview on BET about Ferguson, Mike Brown and Eric Garner. In this interview the president shared his thoughts on race, nationwide protests, his responsibilities as president, and the future of America. At this interview there were no punch lines and satire, and he spoke from his heart.

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Many Blacks felt the president was wrong for communicating his belief in the system and acknowledging that young Blacks had a right to demonstrate. Most Americans do not understand how the president is able to switch gears and still connect to what is on the country’s mind.

Let the president do his job, because he understands the pulse of Americans and the world. There is nothing wrong with the president laughing at himself, because maybe the world would be a better place if we all learned to laugh.

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