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The Rebellion in Ferguson is a Message to America

In over a 150 cities across the United States last week, there were protest and mass demonstrations over the decision by the grand jury to allow Officer Darren Wilson to walk free without a trial. This decision puts the entire American justice system on trial, and makes African Americans question the integrity and credibility of the police and court system. Across the country there were millions dissatisfied with this decision, and they felt outraged, upset, and cheated by the system.

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It is easy to dismiss the demonstrations and the limited violence as a group of Black trouble makers, who are hoodlums, and breaking the law. They are considered Un-American, uneducated, and many citizens believe that police are justified when they shoot first and ask questions later.  But, when this behavior is exhibited as a comprehensive plan by police departments in every city across country, there is a need for minority and progressive political organizations to mount an organized campaign for change.

The mass demonstrations in Ferguson and across the country is an indication that Black America is ready to come together with a collaborative effort to institute a movement to protect our young men/women in our community against police aggression and brutality. It is time that African Americans challenge and monitors the police activities in our community with neighborhood boards and security organizations.

We must demand accountability from police departments, and be adamant about ending militarism, corruption and murder of Black people in the country. The murders in our community are not accidents, but they are an organized, coordinated, comprehensive strategy to commit genocide against young Black men. The U.S. court system is complacent with this oppression, and it appears the federal government has given its consent of these activities by looking the other way.

In 2012, a study was done by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement that a Black man is killed every 28 hours by police. Many of these killings and murders are covered-up, and very few are allowed to be publicized by the media.

In order to change the conditions with police in the Black community, there is a need for our community to take a stand, and not allow our political resistance to end around the country. There is a need for more professional minority political associations to challenge the justice system from within and political civic organizations to challenge the system from without. It is also important to educate our community to get more involved in the court system by participating on legal boards, and serve on juries.

Communication is the key, and Blacks must begin to show up and vote in every election. African Americans must understand that we don’t have to wait on politicians and law enforcement to take back control of our communities. We have the ability to change the thinking in our community, if we take pride in what takes place there every day.

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The youth are a very important component in this movement of change, and old and new organizations must collaborate, and work together. The mass demonstrations in Ferguson and around the country are a message that poor people are sick and tired of being abused by the police and justice system.

There is a need for a national conversation with the Federal Justice Department, and the National Black leadership with the murder of Black young men and the police departments. Our community must become organized and mobilized to change the trajectory of our young Black men and women. If we ever needed President Obama’s leadership and power, we need him now.

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