Live Healthier with a Cleaner Tongue…Take the Challenge!


Get rid of millions of bacteria that causes bad breath and other oral disorders by adding The Perfect Tongue Cleaner, a new tongue cleaner/scraper, to your daily oral hygiene regimen.

 Orlando, Florida — The Perfect Tongue Cleaner is a new product; also called a tongue scraper.  It is a revolution in oral hygiene. This innovative product out performs the competition with its patent design and durability.  The Perfect Tongue Cleaner is ergonomically designed and features craved two-handed grippers for gentle pressure and extra comfort with a firm hold.  It is made with high class stainless steel, and guarantees not to rust with long lasting durability. It removes waste organic matter and mucous from the tiny grooves on the tongue, by gently gliding over the surface. All corners from every edge are diamond polished to give a smooth finish, and it can be washed or sterilized.

The surface of the tongue is an excellent breeding ground for different bacteria. Many physicians and clinical studies have concluded that oral bacteria are associated with a number of serious systemic diseases such as: cardiovascular problems, pneumonia, premature birth and low fetus weight at birth time, increased risk of diabetic patients, osteoporosis, and infertility problem in men. Dr. Gordon Christensen, DDS., MSD., PHD., says, “It is well to emphasize that the disgusting material that tongue cleaning removes from the tongue is more repugnant to others when left in place, and able to create oral malodor.”

With its perfect design, this tongue cleaner will remove many of the millions of bacteria, decaying food debris, fungi, and dead cells from the rear surface of the tongue. You may have excellent dental hygiene and good health, but you still have bad breath, and the perfect remedy is The Perfect Tongue Cleaner. Restore your taste sensation; enjoy a clean fresh healthy mouth with a personalized tongue cleaner.

The developers of The Perfect Tongue Cleaner, Dolly Patel and Mayur Acharya, are challenging consumers to live cleaner and healthier in 2015 by making The Perfect Tongue Cleaner apart of their daily oral care regimen. Throughout the month of January and February consumers can receive a 20% discount when they order The Perfect Tongue Cleaner on


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