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Parking Terrorist

Dear Sandy B,

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I have a girlfriend that often drives me crazy when we go out. If she is driving, everywhere we go, she insists on backing her car into parking spaces. She stops traffic in parking lots, streets, concert venues and the like. She insists at parking at the far end of any convenience store and even backs her car into her own garage. I think this is overkill and bordering on paranoia.


Dear Tyra,

Thanks for lettin’ me know about your friend’s parking habits. I think sistergirl is on to something. She has figured out a way to minimize the chances of getting “jacked up”. Think about havin’ to back up, go to the side and then drive off. Who do you think would get out first if something goes down? And, if some fool decides to carjack her and stand in front of her car, I don’t think I have to tell you the deal in that case. When we back out, we always have to worry ‘bout who or what might be behind the car. I think we should start checkin’ out some of sistergirl’s parking habits. I know I am.
Dear Sandy B,

I am trying to be sensitive and concerned about the massacre that happened at the newspaper office in Paris recently. However, I can’t help getting angry when I keep hearing about, less than twenty people killed in Paris, and barely anything about the recent massacres that have been taking place in Nigeria. What’s happened to those 300 girls that were kidnaped? I haven’t seen or heard anything about them.

Winter Park

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I think the message is clear, that Black lives are not as important to the world at large. Boko Haram terrorist are among some of the worst terrorist known to man. Just recently, as many as two thousand Nigerians were massacred. Clearly that did not make the daily news, lake the French incident which ran 24/7 since it went down, and is still running. It’s time for folks to march and demonstrate, like they did in honor of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. We were able to see what went down with these brothers, but not seeing can be worst ‘cause the real deal will never be told. It’s hard to believe that 300 girls could just disappear, the way Black folks talk. Oneyke I get too pissed off just thinkin’ about the massacres in Nigeria. It’s gonna take folks like you to keep the issue up front.

Grandma’s Gem: Black lives matter!

SandyB can be contacted at: rappinsandyb@gmail.com

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