Stop What You’re Doing and Vote for Hebni Nutrition’s Fresh Stop Bus


hebnibusThe People’s Garden Initiative has demonstrated that one direct and effective way of improving food access is to plant a garden – not so the communities will become self-sufficient – but because being involved in agriculture has benefits far beyond the end product of the produce.

The People’s Garden Grant Program was designed to invest in urban and rural areas identified as food deserts and/or food insecure areas, particularly those with persistent poverty. The major goal of the People’s Garden Grant Program is to facilitate the initial investment needed in these communities, not long-term support.

In Central Florida, more than 90,000 people live in neighborhoods deemed as “food deserts” or areas without easy access to fresh, nutritional foods. Limited access to healthy food options causes families to rely on fast food or processed foods, which in turn leads to high blood pressure, diabetes and other diet related diseases.

To fight against poor nutrition and increased health problems for residents, the Fresh Stop Bus is partnering with Parramore Community Garden to deliver healthy produce to communities in need, using a re-purposed Lynx bus as a mobile farmer’s market. Hebni Nutrition’s Fresh Stop Bus is in competition against other big cities including New York and Detroit for the People’s Choice Community Garden Grant. Support your local business by voting for Hebni Nutrition’s Fresh Stop Bus at, and sharing the link with all of your friends!

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