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You Can’t Make This Up

You Can’t Make This Up: Miracles, Memories, And The Perfect Marriage of Sports And Television
Al Michaels with L Hon Wertheim
William Morrow
c/o Harper Collins
95 Broadway, New York, NY 100007
9780062314963, $28.99, www.amazon.com

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One of America’s favorite sportscasters now tells his life story as well as his opinion on many different aspects of the world of sports in his book “You Can’t Make This Up.” Beginning with his life as a kid where he knew then he wanted to be a broadcaster to his current stint on Sunday Night Football on NBC Michaels writes as if he is talking to his audience that makes the book so much fun to read. He even talks about his extra role in the original “Hawaii Five O” when Jack Lord totally ignored him before and after the scene they were in together.

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