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Witness surfaces in Suge Knight hit-and-run case

There was a witness to the fatal hit-and-run involving Marion (Suge) Knight.   Not only did she make the call to 911 after the incident, but she took photos and tried to follow the Death Row Records co-founder as he fled the scene.

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It appears she was passing by Tam’s Burgers in Compton, Calif., Thursday afternoon when the incident took place.

“This car ran over two guys. They were fighting and then, um, he just pulled back and pulled forward and run them over,” the caller told the operator.  Two guys are laying down,” she said.

When the operator asked the name of the city, she said:  “Compton I think. I just passed by. They were fighting,” repeated.  “We tried to follow the truck when we took pictures but we don’t know…”

The operator cut her off, asking for the exact address.

“It’s 142nd and Central, ma’am,” she responded, sounding a little irritated. “I’m giving you the address. It’s 142nd and the cross street is Central. Rosecrans and Central if it’s better for you.”

Knight was subsequently identified and taken into custody.

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About an hour after he appeared in court on Tuesday to be charged with murder and attempted murder, he suffered some kind of  medical emergency, and was hospitalized.

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