AFP Says it Will Hold Legislators Accountable for Sports Incentive Vote


TALLAHASSEE –  Americans for Prosperity (AFP) put the state’s Legislative Budget Committee on notice today in advance of the vote on whether to offer further taxpayer handouts for the construction or renovation of sports facilities.   AFP has been the leading taxpayer advocate opposing the measure and today announced that members voting for the measure will be held accountable post-vote.

“Any legislators who think this vote is going to pass unnoticed is mistaken,” explained Chris Hudson, FL state director of Americans for Prosperity. “AFP will make sure that taxpayers know who stood up for them and who voted for even more corporate welfare. AFP is leading the fight to end taxpayer handouts to sports arenas. When the Legislative Budget Committee votes today on a proposal to extend even more sports incentives, we will be watching. Floridians will know which legislators are standing up for taxpayers and which are voting to give away more of their hard-earned money.”

Curious to know how most sports fans feel about this issue.