Driven to Matrimony

Barbara Barrett
The Wild Rose Press Inc
PO Box 708, Adams Basim, NY  14410-0708
9781628392950, $12.99,

“Driven to Matrimony” is a comical romance novel that moves along to its final fun ending.  Dina Maitland has a problem.  Her famous movie star mom has let her know she is engaged to a man who is more than 30 younger.  Dina leaves her job to confront her mother about her engagement.  She meets Ben Cutler the father of the groom at a car rental place.  Through a strange twist of fate they are thrown together but Dina does not let Ben know who she really is.  They both have the same objective of stopping this relationship from going any further.  There are enough twists and turns that stirs  the story along with well defined characters, and an easy writing style makes “Driven to Matrimony” so enjoyable.