Sports Hero Worshipping


Don’t listen when TV and radio sports “experts” discuss who they believe are the best teams in sports.

For example, when LeBron James left the Miami heat to rejoin the mediocre Cleveland Cavaliers all of the devilish sports reporters immediately proclaimed Cleveland as the team most likely to win the 2014-2015 National Basketball Association Championship!

Where do the Cavs stand at the time of this writing? The LeBron James led team is so far down in the Eastern Conference standings that they have a better chance of being out of the playoffs than winning the Conference!

Let me explain what is happening.

Instead of reporting the sports truth, today’s reporters report what their bosses want them to report. If the people that sign the checks hate Black athletes, the negro sportscasters have to hate Black athletes. If the boss loves big city teams, the colored sportscasters have to love big city teams.

Players in big cities like Carmelo Anthony in New York will always get headlines while current players in Utah or Charlotte will seldom if ever be lead stories on ESPN regardless of how well they are playing.

The Atlanta Hawks currently have more wins than any team in the NBA but your favorite, ignorant sports writers still consider them pretenders.

LeBron’s team recently won six games in a row and the sports world jumped for joy but those same writers ignore the fact that the Hawks, during that same period, won 16 games in a row, and 32 out of thirty games. The Hawks also won 12 out of 14 games against the “mighty” NBA Western Conference and had lost only three home games.

Defense wins championships and the Hawks, statistically, have the third best defense in the league.

Michael Jordon, if you listen to those that worship heroes, won every championship by himself. Jordon was great but such a claim by sports devils is an insult to the top defense Jordan’s Chicago Bulls had that included players like Scotty Pippen, Dennis Rodman and others.

Also, Jordan could not go to sleep and dream about winning as many championships as the great Boston Celtic team that featured only one super duper star, Bill Russell, who won 11 NBA Championship rings.       The Celtics regularly killed the Los Angeles Laker teams that were full of heroes including Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and, one of my favorites, Elgin Baylor.

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Why? Because good teams will almost always beat teams with stars and heroes that don’t play well together.

Don’t take my word for it, if you believe Michael Wilbon, Steven Smith and others that predict sports outcomes, take all of the money you have and bet the way they say bet in Las Vegas and you’ll soon be broke, busted and disgusted!

If you want your team to win, don’t believe sports worshippers. Believe Tina Turner who sang “We Don’t Need Another Hero”!

All your favorite team needs is a group of hungry players that will leave their egos at courtside and play together as a team! (Buy books by Gantt and contact Lucius at