Vaughn Fired


    Dear Sandy B:   I’m tired of Brothers taking a bad rap for corporate and political messed up decisions. President Obama was handed a bucket of mess and is expected to make pudding out of it. The Orlando Magic did the same sort of thing with Jacque Vaughn. They hired him as head coach of the team, knowing he was going to have a rough time with such a young team; the team leader was barely established. They knew it was going to take a few years for the team to jell; the talent is there. I’m just concerned that they tend to fire the Brothers quicker than other folks. The sad part about his firing, is that it was out in the press before it actually happened.

    Jeff                                                                                                                                                                                                        Orlando

    Dear Jeff:   My friend, it is all about the “mula.”  Folks ain’t gonna continue supportin’ a losing team. Every coach knows the deal, and it ain’t about being Black. You “git it done”, or you are out. Hey, they may have done Vaughn a favor, ‘cause he couldn’t quit if he wanted to. Can you imagine how that would go down? Look what happened to Doc Rivers. Magic fired Doc, and he got picked up by the Boston Celtics and “yahoo”, he became head coach. He took the Celtics to both an NBA and Eastern Coast Championship.  Vaughn is young and he knows the game. Ain’t no tellin’ how far that Brother’s gonna go. I sure wish him well.

    Dear Sandy B:  What do you think about that Brian Williams scandal? I thought he was a bright man. What would make him think that in this era of instant information that he could just make up a story and it would not get checked. What do you think CBS should do with him and this situation?

    Lynn                                                                                                                                                                                                    Winter Park

    Lynn:  Didn’t nobody say that Brian Williams wasn’t bright. Folks can be bright and dumb at the same time; he’s a perfect example.  I think they should fire his butt “en pronto”.  They should have fired him before the story got worst; then they was found out he had lied about Katrina. If that had been a Brother, he would have been kicked to the curb at the first confirmation of a reported lie.  This sixth month suspension just gives the network time to try to save themselves and the career of Williams. I say it’s over for Williams, ‘cause ain’t nobody gonna believe anything he says after this mess.

    Grandma’s Gem:  Don’t let me have to repeat myself

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