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Dr. Sydel LeGrande Brings New Family Practice to Washington Shores Community

Dr. Sydel LeGrande has expanded her Tampa practice to Orlando.  'Your Place Medical Center Orlando' is located in the Washington Shores Plaza at is 2132 Bruton Blvd., Orlando, Florida 32805.  407-792-4110.
Dr. Sydel LeGrande has expanded her Tampa practice to Orlando. ‘Your Place Medical Center Orlando’ is located in the Washington Shores Plaza at 2132 Bruton Blvd., Orlando, FL 32805. 407-792-4110.
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Dr. Sydel LeGrande has been a family doctor for 30 years, and was born in Tampa, Florida.  She graduated from medical school at the University of Florida in 1982, did special training in family medicine in Augusta, Georgia, and practiced in Miami in private practice from 1989 to 1993. She is a woman of faith, and prepared to provide comprehensive medical care for families and individuals suffering from all types of illnesses, disorders, conditions and diseases.

As a family doctor, or a primary care physician (PCP), she is the first point of contact for patients when they seek general medical care, and can refer patients to specialists when necessary.

“In order to be truly effective in what I do, I believe I have to address the whole person, spirit, soul, and body. There is something called harmony, and harmony is needed in order to be considered in divine health,” explains Dr. LeGrande.  Dr. LeGrande has a very successful practice in Tampa, and she now has an additional practice in Orlando. The name of her practice is Your Place Medical Center Orlando, located in the Washington Shores Plaza. The address of her office is 2132 Bruton Blvd., Orlando, Florida 32805, 407-792-4110.

The Orlando practice specializes in family medicine and auto accident care.  Most people in Florida, and especially in the Black community, do not understand how the laws and systems work when a person has been injured in an auto accident.  Dr. LeGrande wants to change that, so that her patients can keep a larger chunk of their money.

“My whole concept with the (PIP) personal injury protection is to re-educate our community, particularly the Black community, on how to access personal injury protection and medical care after an auto accident. What I plan to do is put everything under one roof. I can see you as a medical doctor, give you medication, and provide the therapy if you need it. All the stuff that your personal injury protection is going to pay for can be done right here. And that means we keep it simple; you get better and you keep your money,” explains Dr. LeGrande.

Washington Shores is extremely blessed to have Your Place Medical Center Orlando in the community, and the doctor believes in giving back to the neighborhood. Along with Dr. LeGrande’s visionary medical practice, she treats everyone who walks through her door. Her medical practice is new to the Orlando area and open to new customers.

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There is a new doctor in town; take the time to meet her, and welcome her to the community.

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