Exaggerations or Lies

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Rappin’ With Sandy B

Dear Sandy B: What in the world is going on? I never thought the time would come when a well-respected news reporter like Brian Williams would tell a bold faced lie about his experience in a helicopter in a war zone. Then, he had the nerve to try and insult the viewers ‘intelligence by saying     he had forgotten exactly what had happened. That was the sorriest apology that I ever heard. He’s only been given a six month suspension. How can anyone begin to believe anything he says when he comes back? I hope Lester Holt gets the permanent job.


Dear Errol: I think Brian Williams should have been kicked to the curb as soon as it was disclosed by the military duds that were on that mission in the helicopter. They knew the deal. I ain’t figured out yet why it took so long for them to “spill the beans”. Williams has messed up his “rep”, and the network needs to send him packin’ forever. To add to the list of on air liars, I am so glad that they “peeped the game” of  Bill O’Reilly with his loud mouth lies. He knew good and well that he didn’t witness nothin’ sittin’ in his anchor chair “blowing out hot air and lies”. The pentagon and Walmart have also had their mess recently with lyin’ spokesman who ain’t as visible as Williams and O’Reilly.  I think all these duds have forgotten how swift technology is today, and they can be checked as soon as they open their mouths. Hopefully this will stop other reporters and folks in prominent positions to check themselves before they come out with some untruthful mess.  I know Lester Holt knows the deal: I don’t have to explain that one.

Dear SandyB: I am a case worker. There are many times that I have to make home visits where the house smells so bad and I’ve seen roaches and trash all over. I am not a child protective investigator, so I don’t necessarily have to inspect the house. Do you have any ideas how I can make a home visit without making a client feel bad when I don’t want to have a seat on the visit?


Dear Tiffany: I suggest that you make up something (little lie) like you have a bad back or knees, so you don’t have to sit down. To avoid even going inside, you might invite the client to the door for the visit. I would suggest that you inform client (another lie) that you have a breathing problem and you do much better in the air. Hey, you gotta do your job and you ain’t gettin’ paid enough to have to deal with somebody’s stink.

Grandma’s Gem:  It ain’t what you say, it’s what you do.

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