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Lights Camera Lupus: A Book Review

Lights Camera Lupus
Amanda Rupley
Indigo River Publishing Inc
3West Garden Street, Pensacola, Fl 32502
9780990485728, $14.95, www.amazon.com

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Amanda Rupley has been involved in the entertainment business in many different aspects. Her book “Lights Camera Lupus” shows some of the things she has been a part of through the years but it is also the story of a woman who learns she has the disease Lupus. There are over 100 autoimmune diseases and Lupus is one of them. Rupley tells how she found out she had the disease and the ways she has learned to deal with it.

For some time she had no answers until she was lucky to find a doctor who was familiar with the symptoms of Lupus that Rupley was showing. From then on things changed as she learned as much as she could about Lupus on the internet and organizations that deal with the disease. Unlike other sufferers who have written books about the disease she does not describe it as a wolf waiting to attack its prey, she just treats it for much of the book as if it is something she can beat. She does though have a support group of her husband and family as well as her faith in God that has helped her along.

“Lights Camera Lupus” ends on a more positive note. Even though you have something that could be classified as a negative you can still do anything you want to if you just have to have the mindset to do it.

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