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‘Black Girls Rock’

Dear Sandy B:

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Recently I watched the “Black Girls Rock” Program.  As I was watching it, I kept thinking to myself, “is this program meant for girls or late night TV”?

I was thinking this because too many of the host and performers looked like they were trying to bare it all. Boobs were popping out all over the place and Fantasia’s split in the front of her dress was so high I was praying she would stop squatting and just stand up and sing before something under her dress was no longer private. I thought this program was mainly for the girls and presenting outing women in various fields that they might be inspired to be like. I keep wondering if I’m just too old fashion and expected that those involved in the program would at least be dressed presentable for the occasion.  They are role models whether they plan to be or not. Please let me know your thoughts about my concerns.


Dear Marla:

I’m with you girlfriend. I thought some of the boob displays should be saved for late night shows. This was billed as a family show which started at 8:00 pm. Some of the teens watching might have thought about how they might imitate what they saw one day. I realize that our busty sisters have to deal with a lot, but “them others” need take a look in the mirror and the program that they signed on for. I was mostly disappointed in Beverly Bonds, the creator of the show. She let it all hang out. Next the sister in the gold leather suit, with her chest showing to her waistline. She better realize that she is no Jennifer Lopez. Even J.Lo wouldn’t wear that mess to a family show. If I could have gotten to the stage, I would have snatched Fantasia off. She damned near showed all of her “business”, plus had the nerve to sing a gospel song. Scarier, the audience roared for her. Our First Lady was fabulous, and showed what a role model for our girls should look like. Way to go, Michelle.

Dear Sandy B:

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My neighbor lets her dog out every day without a lease and the first place he goes in right to my yard to relieve himself. I have spoken to her on several occasions about this and she just smiles at me and says she will take care of it. It is hard to get mad at her because she is always so pleasant. I am so frustrated because I don’t know what to do and I can’t even cuss out such a pleasant lady.

Cynthia                                                                                                Winter Park

Dear Cynthia:  I know a good cussin’ out might help you get out some of your frustration, but that wouldn’t get that mess off your yard. I’m glad you couldn’t go that way. I know you have to do something or the situation will make you go nuts. I would suggest that you” scoop up the pooh” and put it right in front of her door. After she has to either clean it or step in it enough, I think she might come up with a plan for this mess. I do hope it works before you become a professional “pooper scooper”.

Grandma’s Gem:  If you strut too much, you just might fall

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