Black-Wite Sexuality


I feel sorry for the young man that many people suggest might very well be the number one pick in the 2015 National Football League Draft.

Selectively biased white reporters and others, including some African American journalists, choose every opportunity they can to accuse the man, Jameis Winston, of raping a white woman.

jameis winstonAt least six different law enforcement agencies and individuals have looked carefully at the woman’s allegations and none have found proof that a “rape” occurred.

Police didn’t find absolute proof of rape, investigators didn’t find proof of rape, prosecutors didn’t find proof of rape, judges didn’t find proof of rape, academic investigations and hearings didn’t find proof of rape, eye witnesses to the sex act didn’t see any rape and zero citizens have ever produced evidence that showed beyond a shadow of doubt that sex between the man and his accuser was not consensual as the man claims but was instead a violent, terrible act of rape!

No man, or woman, should ever be allowed to escape punishment when sex acts are performed on any person without their consent.

But I think, in the case described above, the man accused will forever be portrayed as a rapist by some people not because he was proven to be guilty, he will be forever tainted and accused because he is Black!

Don’t take my word for it. History is the best teacher! If you want to discuss the history of Black-white sexual relationships, Google the topic or go to Wikipedia. There are volumes of information about the history of alleged sexual misconduct involving Black and white sex partners.

However, the white press seems to concentrate and focus on Black men accused of raping white women.

Accused Blacks will never be forgotten and never ever forgiven.

Meanwhile, any Black person that seeks to discuss the history of Black-white sex acts is routinely told to “get over it” or that “was in the past”.

White members of the media will never forget the Black teen accused of sexual misconduct years ago but they easily and conveniently have total amnesia when asked to remember how many white slave masters were accused of raping Black slave women or how many Black men were killed because they were accused of raping white women. They forget how successful towns like Rosewood, Florida and others were burned to the ground because of false accusations by women of European descent.

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The organization that you love, the NAACP, once did studies that discussed Black-white sex acts and the results of said acts. They appear afraid to talk about such topics now but in the past they wrote many articles about it.

In the NAACP writing entitled “Thirty Years of Lynchings in the United States”, the reports said ….Among colored victims (of lynchings) 28.4 of Black men that were lynched were accused of rape and attacks on (white) women.

Today, accusations of sexual crimes and misconduct continue and so does the lynchings! In the past Black men were lynched with a hangman’s rope and now they are lynched a TV teleprompter, newspaper editorial or an internet blog!

If you are hung by the neck on a tall oak tree you are dead and if news report after news report degrades you, disparages you or falsely accuses you, you are just as “dead”!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care if someone is accused of a crime but if he is found not guilty or if the accuser is found not to have absolute proof of any crime people should let it go just like devilish folk say Black Americans should let go of slave history. Keep in mind, however, reporters don’t tell Native Americans to forget genocide committed by cowboys, or tell Jews to forget the Holocaust. No major media reporter will even tell Cuban Americans to forget the Mariel boatlift of 1980.

As for NFL history, don’t act like no other draft prospect or current NFL player has been accused of sexual misconduct with white women. One Pennsylvania quarterback was accused of sexual misconduct on more than one occasion.

Do the USA Today and ESPN reporters that you love bring of sexual misconduct up every time they mention the Pittsburg quarterback’s name? I think not!

Why? Because white quarterbacks are not Black!