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Dear Sandy B: Isn’t there something that can be done about House Speaker Boehner and his republican posse just outright disrespecting President Obama. When I heard about that group inviting Netanyahu  to the United States without even a conversation with the president or his administration, I got so angry that I wanted to fight somebody. Can this even be legal? Then some other GOP folks decided to write a letter to Iran; again undermining the president. What the heck is going on?

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Pissed Off                                                                                                                                                                                         Orlando

Dear Pissed Off: I think you have a lot of folks that are pissed off with you. These jokers will try anything to try to undermine President Obama. They had the nerve to say that Obama was rude to Netanyahu. He did the right thing by not greeting him, ‘cause Netanyahu knew the deal. He knew that his butt had no business in this country without an invitation from our President. Our Pres did not let him back track on what he had said about never supporting two states. President Obama told  BiBi, “You said what you said”.  Listen Pissed Off, trust that Obama will shine when it’s all over ‘cause he has by his side “someone who will never leave him or forsake him”, and I ain’t talkin’ about Michelle. This brother is “BAD” and all the haters will try anything to bring him down, but he knows he has “footsteps in the sand”,  and he’s gonna “keep on keepin’ on”.

Dear Sandy B: My sister has three boys, and she treats them like little slaves. They are 8-11 years old. Almost every weekend she has garage sales in which she has them dragging things to the fleas markets all over the place. The boys help sell the things also, but she won’t give them a treat or anything for all their hard work. To add, she is financially o.k. and just loves doing this.  The boys keep begging her for a special treat. She says she feeds them and put clothes on their backs.


Dear Katrina: Please tell your sister to google Profit Sharing. If she is not selling things to survive, then she should think about giving the boys some of the profits. I have found that folks will spend more when they see kids selling anyway. What she should be doing is paying them and teachin’ them how to save their money, so they can buy their own treats. Tell Sis to get with the program.

Grandma’s Gem:  Just show me

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Sandy B can be contacted at: rappinsandyb@gmail.com

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