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President Obama Announces Tentative Nuclear Arms Deal with Iran

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President Obama has been clear that achieving a peaceful resolution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon will make the United States, our allies, and our world safer.

When President Obama took office he underscored that the United States was prepared to resolve this issue diplomatically – but only if Iran came to the table in a serious way. When that did not happen, we rallied the world to impose the toughest sanctions in history—sanctions that had a profound impact on the Iranian economy.

Sanctions alone could not stop Iran’s nuclear program. But they did help bring Iran to the negotiating table. Because of our diplomatic efforts, the world stood with us, and we were joined at the negotiating table by the world’s major powers – the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and China, as well as the European Union.

A few moments ago the President announced that a tentative deal has been struck with Iran that will forever prevent the Arab nation from gaining nuclear capacity.  The president made clear that more talks were necessary to complete the agreement, but that this diplomatic solution to the problem of nuclear proliferation represents the best arrangement for avoiding war and keeping Israel and other U.S. allies safe.

In a pre-emptive move clearly designed to push the GOP away from criticizing this deal with “the enemy,” the president pointed out that Republican Pres. Ronald Reagan similarly struck a deal with the Soviet Union at a time when that nation was not just threatening to destroy the United States, but unlike Iran also had the means and nuclear capability to do so.

With this announcement, the President has demonstrated his capacity to engage in and forge major foreign policy initiatives, the last bastion of criticism from his most vocal critics.  Pres. Obama invited Congress to approve the deal once it has been finalized, and made clear that if the agreement is not approved, it will most likely result in another costly war.

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