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Naked Beyonce

Dear Sandy B:

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I would like to know your take on Beyoncé’s dress on the Red Carpet at that New York Fundraiser this week. I have been in some interesting conversations about whether it was appropriate for the occasion or not. I personally thought it was over the top.

Ms. B
Winter Garden


Dear Ms. B:

I’m with you girlfriend. It looks like Beyoncé is trying to keep up with Kim Kardashian when it comes to putting her body up for exhibition. I can’t imagine why she would even begin to act like bimbo Kim who has absolutely no talent. Beyoncé’s talent is “over the top” already. Personally I think both of these women are responding to some need of their husbands to show the world, “look what I got”. Kanye has always acted like a jerk, but I thought JZ had a little more sense. I have not known a time when Brother’s agreed to put their wives’ bodies out there for public display. I am certain the Obama’s are disappointed in Beyoncé, as they had her sing the National Anthem at Obama’s first Inauguration.  I’m saddened by Beyoncé’s display of her body in this form. Between her Illuminates Display at the Essence Festival a few years ago and now showing up nearly naked, I am concerned about the sister.


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Dear Sandy B:

I am outright angy about the comments that some of the news comentators and so called child behavior experts are saying about Toya Graham, the mother who grabbed her son off the street in Baltimore to stop him from throwing a brick at a cop. They are making her out to be a child abuser with poor parenting skills. One even said that because she whipped her son’s butt publically, he might be psychologically damaged for life from it.  I wish I could have a conversation with some of them. I know you have an opinion.



Dear Natalie:

What would those fool child development specialist and news commentators be saying if that boy were being arrested or worst being put in a body bag? That man sized boy was 16 years old. Those few bops that he got “upside his head” could hardly be called a beat down; she never punched him or hit him in the face or any other place. I agree with the masses, that sister deserves a medal. She made sure her son wasn’t gonna have the same fate as Freddie Grey. She was definitely “old school” when momma didn’t play that.

Grandma’s Gem:  Try appreciatin’ what you got.

Sandy B can be contacted at:  rappinsandyb@gmail.com

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