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Foolish Girlfriend

Sandy B
Sandy B

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Dear Sandy B: I have a girlfriend who claims she loves to spoil her man. Personally I think she is silly and is being used. If she goes to her boyfriend’s house and finds his refrigerator almost empty, she will go to a supermarket and buy enough groceries to fill it up. She has spent over $200 doing this. If she borrows his car with no gas, she always returns it on full. She will also buy him clothes if they go somewhere special because she wants him to look a certain way. I could write a book about what she does for him. She claims it’s an investment in her future. Do you think I should address this with her, or keep my mouth shut?


Dear Brittany: I think you should keep your mouth shut. There are some things folks have to learn on their own. Most likely she ain’t gonna hear what you got to say anyway. It’s hard for folks to deal with the fact that anybody can be enjoying all that food that she bought since she doesn’t live with him. She’s gonna have to see that brother riding around another sister in the car that she filled with gas before she gets the message. Maybe then, she will invest her money more wisely.

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Dear Sandy B: My brother is a law enforcement officer. He’s pissed about the move to get body cameras for all police officers. His position is that “a few bad apples are spoiling the batch” for everyone. He insists that even with the cameras, the negatives officers will find a way to do what they want to do anyway.  What do you think?


Loretta: Tell your “knuckle head” brother to get with the program. Yeah, we know some jokers are gonna go out of their way to mess with folk. BUT, the body cameras will make them think harder about messin’ with folk in the wrong way.

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Grandma’s Gem: Be careful what you wish for.

Sandy B can be contacted at: rappinsandyb@gmail.com

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