The Game Master


    gamemasterBy William Bernhardt
    Babylon Books
    9780692365595, $27.95,

    Known, for his legal thrillers, Bernhardt tells an entirely different tale with “The Game Master.  As the novel begins there is a murder of a scientist and a woman is kidnapped.  BB The Game Master finds that the woman is his daughter who has been kidnapped by someone who wants to play a new kind of game with him.  He and his ex wife travel around the world picking up clues like a scavenger hunt that also plays out like different games including poker, monopoly, and several others that are part of the clues.  Also there is a national crisis, that ties into the search for BBs’ daughter.  Like his legal thrillers Berhardt fills the story with suspenseful situations and a story that moves along very quickly to its final revealing ending.  “The Game Master” is a tense nail biting thriller that has so many different levels of entertainment.