Creflo Dollar Will Get His $65 Million Jet After All

Creflo Dollar will get $65 million jet
Creflo Dollar will get $65 million jet
Creflo Dollar will get $65 million jet

Pastor Dollar will get his $65 million Gulfstream G650 after all.

In an issued by World Changers Church International, the board of directors announced:

Back in March.when the fund drive was originally announced, and Dollar asked for 200,000 people to donate $300 each to buy the plane, a storm of criticism erupted.  Church leaders apologized for the misstep in communicating the message,

Dollar will not be the only mega-church pastor with a luxury private jet.  A list put together four years ago shows 20 other ministries with their own jets, too.  Dollar goes to the top of the list with his purchase, though.  The G650 is the top of the line.

Dollar began his ministry in 1981 while he was still a student at West Georgia College,. His first service was held five years later in 1986 in an elementary school cafeteria.  Two years later he and his wife purchased the former Atlanta Christian Center Church in College Park.

In 1995, the ministry moved into its current location, the 8,500-seat “World Dome” on Burdett Road.