NAACP Seeks Protection


adora naacp

The head of Florida’s NAACP met with the Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI in the State Capitol last week seeking protection.  NAACP State President Adora Obi Nweze is set to open a new chapter in rural Wakulla County  after several churches had the initials KKK spray painted on their signs or buildings.   Adora Obi Nweze says what happened in Charleston S.C. was unimaginable, yet fears it could happen here as well.

“Here we are thinking we can go to a church and be safe and be able to praise our god or whomever we serve in our sanctuaries, and never thinking that you would have to worry about someone walking in and sitting there with you and shooting and killing people” says Obi Nweze.

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According to an article posted in the Tallahassee Democrat,  Adora Obi Nweze said Friday that opening a branch in Wakulla is not something to celebrate, but instead stems from a multitude of troubles faced by residents of the rural county.  “The opening of a branch is not a joyous occasion — I wouldn’t describe it that way. It’s a needed occasion,” she said.

“They’ve been having problems in Wakulla for some time and they knew that in order for them to address it, it would be much easier if they did it through a civil rights organization, mainly the NAACP,” said Nweze.

“The community deserves to have an opportunity to express its concerns, and it’s through the NAACP that can happen.”

The chapter in the county south of the State Capitol will boast more than 100 members when it is officially chartered on Saturday.