Does Charleston Prove Certain Whites at War with Blacks in America


The murder of 9 Blacks in Charleston, SC is an indicator that race is a challenge in America, and violence is an answer for certain members of the society. Dylann Roof, a devout White racist, believed that his mission on earth was to liberate his race from the domination of other cultures. From his perspective, it was his duty to obliterate Blacks in America by any means necessary.

Many Whites in America will admit that there are vestiges of hate and discrimination in about 40% of their race, but only 10% are extreme. Basically, most Whites in America would argue that they are not racist, and they treat all members of the country as children of God. But, almost 70% of Americans live in segregated communities, and very few interact regularly with people of a different race or economic level.

The Republican Party is 95% White, and a large majority of its members support the Tea Party, or certain aspects of their platform. The Tea Party is a grassroots movement of conservatives who believe in the true American spirit where gun ownership is sacred, and the government must be downsized. They argue that White privilege is the foundation of their party, and White people are a superior race.

The 10% of White extremist racists operate from the Tea Party platform. This is a maniacal mindset, and they believe they are at war with Blacks and other races. They believe that the White race in America will no longer be the dominate culture in the country, and the world; therefore, they must fight.

As this reality becomes statistically factually, Whites are forming vigilante and violent groups whose sole purpose is to obliterate and initiate war on other races. These organizations are buying weapons focused on race destruction, and Black people are at the top of the list. They believe that the Black race is an inferior species, and we no longer understand our position in relationship to the White race.

This deranged thinking is sick, but in these secret organizations, this is the normal mindset of the members. Dylann Roof was a product of these violent secret organizations, and on June 17, 2015, he decided to be a martyr to their cause. People of good will can never understand the motivation and thinking of this act, but there are images which explain and justify his sick thinking.

To begin with, there is the Confederate flag which represents slavery and the subjugation of the Black race in America. For over a hundred and sixty five years, White people have acted as if the Confederate flag stood for something good. But in truth, it represented systemic oppression, radical racism, rape and torture.

Yet in 2015, White people still want to have a discussion about the merits of the flag, and many feel that the flag should not offend anyone. The flag represents the dehumanization and the enslavement of Black people in America, and this is the reason that people like Dylann Roof think they must make war on American Blacks.

Radical White people like Dylann Roof use symbols of hate to fuel the mission of their violent organizations. There is a race war going on in America, and I wonder who is protecting Black women, men and children. The pervasive sickness is not going to stop until there is control of guns, and violent organizations are brought to justice.

Dylann Roof is not an accident; he is a mirror of the violence in America. Symbols of hate must be challenged when they are exposed, and radical racism must be eradicated. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.