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Final Instinct

Robert Walker
c/o Penguin Group USA 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 www.penguin.com 97805119497, $5.99, www.amazon.com
“Final Instinct” is the third Jessica Coran installment and it is one of the best of the series. Jessica Coran, an FBI medical examiner is on a much needed vacation in Hawaii, but the relax time she deserves is cut short as she receives orders to help investigate a new serial killer tagged “Trade Winds Killer.” As she delves into the case she finds that the murder stalks young beautiful Hawaiian women, his weapon of choice is a long razor-sharp blade used to cut sugar cane and he is precise, slow and ritualistic. Cora, whose expertise is serial killers, will have to use all of her medical and police skills to bring the perpetrator to justice. “Primal Instinct combines the island’s mystery, intrigue, ancient mystic tales and romantic setting to heighten the story of the operative’s chase to stop the mass murder. The methods of police and medical procedure are factual and well researched while the story is filled with many interesting settings and situations. “final Instinct” is quick reading and very enjoyable.

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