A Ghostly Demise A Ghostly Southern Mystery


Tonya Kappes
c/o Harper Collins
95 Broadway, New York, NY 100007
9780062374912, $7.99, www.amazon.com

Emma Lee Raines who is a part owner of a funeral home has a unique ability where she can communicate with dead people. Due to a freak accident where she was hit on the head by a falling plastic Santa she is able to see the ghost of certain dead people. Each one was murdered and the case was never solved. Now with her talent she works with local law enforcement to solve the crime. In “A Ghostly Demise” a town drunk who everyone presumed disappeared was really murdered. Now he comes to Emma and wants her to expose his killer. As if that was not enough she has to deal with her grandmother’s campaign for mayor of the town of Sleepy Hollow Kentucky, a carnival that is taking over the town square and her boyfriend sheriff who has his own problems wrestling several runaway goats. “A Ghostly Demise” is a laugh out loud mystery that is filled with interesting situations and characters.