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Saving and Protecting our Children by Stopping the Cycle of Hate

Roger Caldwell, author of The Scott Report and Obama Watch
Roger Caldwell, author of The Scott Report and Obama Watch

Black on Black crime and violence is running rampant in the Black Community in Orlando, and I am not sure why we as a community have remained quiet   Is it because we don’t care?  Or perhaps we just don’t see a way to make a difference? In the past, different groups have come together to address this devastating problem, but what action is being taken now? Every weekend there are shootings and killings, and our children become casualties in this warfare because they are left behind without parents, grandparents, or siblings, who are injured or murdered, or incarcerated.

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Dr. Sydel LeGrande, M.D., owner of Your Place Medical Center Orlando, and founder of Fruit of Glory Ministries, Inc., a 501©3 non –profit organization, is working to take action and be a change agent in the community she serves. The name of the project is “Changing the Game for a New Generation
Stop the Cycle of Hate.” “Communities change as people change, and it is time to change the game, and stop the cycle of street violence and Black on Black crime” says Dr. LeGrande. She understands that it takes a village to raise our children, and she is appealing to our community leaders and businesses to be a partner in this project. This is a long-term project with an after-school pilot program which focuses on children age 4-14. Her goal is to see this curriculum in public schools as part of the state’s pre-K program, especially for Title 1 schools.
In order to move forward with this project, Dr. LeGrande will hold two events to publicize and build support for this endeavor. The first event will be a press conference and a call to action meeting where Dr. Le Grande will lay out her plan for “Changing the Game for a New Generation-Stop the Cycle of Hate project.” This meeting will be held at the Callahan Center (101 N. Parramore Ave., Orlando) on September 29, 2015, from 6:30pm – 8:00pm with light refreshments. This will be an inter-active forum and educational informational session where the press, residents, and community leaders are invited.
The second event is a holiday gala on December 12, 2015 at 6:30pm at the Majestic Center located on John Young Parkway, Orlando Fl. At this event, there will be 10 selected children and their parents /caretakers who will tell their heart wrenching story of their loss to violence and how they are coping with their tragedy. At the gala, these children will receive a gift that they told us was their dream gift for this Christmas.  A community sponsor, like you, will provide each child with their dream gift that the family was not able to provide. As a sponsor, if you choose, you can follow your sponsored child to further impact their life. Help us identify children ages 5-17 who’ve lost a parent or sibling to street violence, or domestic violence through death or long-term incarceration.
For more information on “Changing the Game for a New Generation-Stop the Cycle of Hate,” email Cheryl Webb at fruitofgloryinc@yahoo.com, Roger Caldwell, On Point Media Group at jet38@bellsouth.net, or call 813-642-7223, or 407-421-5453.

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