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Sandra 'Sandy B' Brown
Wit, wisdom, advice and “Grandma’s Gems.” Write Sandy B at: rappinsandyb@gmail.com

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Dear SandyB:
I think I will go nuts if I see or hear Donald Trump with his foolishness one more day. It makes me even crazier when some of the folks at my job voice their support of him.

What has this country come to when a presidential candidate can call people and our entire government stupid, then rise to become the leading Republican candidate?

 He sounds so ignorant, I can hardly believe it. Why is everybody so scared of this man? Do you think it’s possible for him to actually win the Republican nomination and run for president?
Dear Selena:
I don’t think anybody has any idea how far the Trump NUT will go. Folks are scared of him because he’s capable of saying anything. Look what he did to Anthony Weiner and his wife Una. This is truly a phenomena that nobody could have imagined. Trump the joke has fooled everybody. With all his money, he sounds pitifully sad with a need for everybody to like him. Every time I hear him say things like, “Latinos like me, the Blacks like me, foreign dignitaries like me”, he sounds like a sad child with the need to be liked. Let’s hope he gets so outrageous in some way that he will shock even his supporters. Until then, we shall see.
Dear Sandy B:
I have been working at my job for eight years. My department has had the most outstanding reviews by the certification board than any other department. I have been asked to help various departments with upgrading their reports. Just recently the dean came into my office and demanded my computer on the spot. She claimed that I could no longer have it because no one else has one. I have had this same lap top computer for at least six years. What do you think is going on?
Dear Shavonda:
From my experience, it tells me that you should start looking for another gig. Girlfriend sounds like she has a problem with you and is looking for something or is trying to piss you off. Sounds like your outstanding performance has made her look bad. Watch your back my sister!

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