Small and Minority Firms Selected to Lead Construction Projects at Orlando International Airport

JCB Construction is one of several small and minority firms tapped to help mold the future of Orlando International Airport .
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ORLANDO, FL. – The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority’s (GOAA) small business program continues to lead the industry with small and minority firm involvement in securing aviation related business and construction contracts. At its October 2015 meeting, the GOAA Board approved an unprecedented number of small and minority firms to participate in and lead the construction and design elements for the new south terminal project and Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

A major action taken was in the ranking of five firms for program and project management services for the south terminal C, phase 1, at Orlando International Airport.

Four of the five firms selected today to lead the projects are small, minority or local businesses. Three of these are companies that started working in aviation through the GOAA small business program.

  • Geotech Consultants International, Incorporated
  • Cost Management, Incorporated
  • Page One Consultants, Incorporated
  • CMTS Construction Management Services
  • Kraus-Manning, Incorporated

“This is a huge project that will change the face of transportation in Central Florida for years to come and by having local small and minority business participation we make this truly a community effort that we can all be proud of,” exclaims Frank Kruppenbacher, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Also selected were groups to support the core elements of the previously approved $1.1 Billion CIP. The Capital Improvement Plan’s primary purpose is to maintain existing facilities and modify and expand current infrastructure with the goal of increasing capacity to 45 million annual passengers from the terminal’s original design capacity of 24 million. To accomplish this goal the following projects have been approved and will include minority and small business participation.

Central Energy Plant

The scope includes concrete foundations, slabs, insulated tilt wall, masonry, waterproofing, structural and miscellaneous steel and metals, modified bituminous roofing, interior and exterior finishes, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. (including fuel tank)

JCB Construction is one of several small and minority firms tapped to help mold the future of Orlando International Airport .

The small and minority firms tapped to help mold the future of Orlando International Airport with expertise in construction and design management for the Central Energy Plant are;

  • PGomez Construction Company, Hispanic American, Winter Park, Florida; Project Management
  • JCB construction Inc. African American, Orlando Florida Project Management
  • Page One Consultants, Inc. Caucasian Female American, Orlando Florida; QC Engineer
  • Prime Electrical Services Inc. African American; Electrical
  • Heron Electric, Inc. African American; Electrical
  • Forte Young, Inc. Caucasian Female American; Doors and Hardware
  • Diversified Electric, Inc. Hispanic American, Vendor, Doors and Hardware


Ticket Lobby Program Awarded

Following the recommendation of the Authority’s Construction Committee, the Board awarded this project to Gomez Construction Company. This is a multi-year program that consists of several projects including modifications to the landside building area, new and renovated ticket lobbies, seating, back walls and new airline ticket offices.

North Terminal Moving Sidewalk Removal

The Aviation Authority Board in addition awarded another North Terminal Complex project to R.L. Burns Inc. This project provides for the removal of four sets of moving sidewalks in the North Landside terminal, infill of the slab, carpet, tile and incorporate power and data to accommodate mobile retail units. Construction starts December 2015 and is scheduled for completion in May 2016.

“We are proud of our 30 year history and track record of working with small and minority firms and we look forward to working with those firms selected today,” says Phil Brown, Executive Director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “There is no question that we are committed to our small business programs. Just last year the authority paid out over $100 million to local small and minority firms which helped stimulate the local economy.”

Also in today’s meeting, the Board selected HNTB Corporation as the Architect of Record for the South Terminal C project Phase I. The approval follows the recommendation of the Authority’s Professional Services Committee based on criteria that included comprehensive project approach, qualifications and experience of the firm and key personnel as well as Minority Business Enterprise and Local Disadvantaged Business program participants.