From the Mouths of Babes


Before we get into this week’s column I’d like to first say my prayers go out to all of the families whose loved ones and/or family members were injured or killed in the recent terrorist bombings in Paris, France.

Anyone that tells you the best way to please Allah or God is for you to use automatic rifles and other weapons of mass destruction and go out and murder defenseless, unarmed women, children and babies is not only a false prophet and a hypocrite, they are a traitor to their religion and also a traitor to their race!

If you’re mad at an army, go after the army and leave the children and other innocents alone.

Now, the so-called mainstream media, and in some cases, the Negro media, has suggested that America’s and the world’s Black leaders are primarily 60 or 70 year old senior citizens that have been bought and sold a long, long time ago.

These imperialist puppets will lie and tell you the best way to progress is to march, the best way to end police brutality and misconduct is to pray and the best way to end exploitation and oppression is to have a seat, or sit-in!

Oh, my brothers and sisters, you’ve been misled, you’ve been okey doked, you’ve been conned and you’ve been fooled!

Don’t get this twisted, our good and faithful elders deserve love and respect but we have to stop being bamboozled by these modern day poverty pimps and “rock star civil rights leaders” that fly into your town on a jet, get picked up in a limo, ride to your church, give a fake played out speech or sermon, take up a bountiful collection from the poor, hurt, mistreated congregation and then leave town, leaving you broke and still mistreated!

Well, The Gantt Report has been writing about what you should do but you won’t read it. Lucius Gantt has been saying it but you don’t listen. But when media devils like ESPN and Fox news report about it, now you think you should believe it!

You saw “Roots”. Every since slavery days, our future has been in the hands and minds of our youth!

The Freedom Riders were young adults, the lunch counter protesters were kids in college, even the racist system of apartheid in South Africa began to crumble only after South African children stood up, protested and fought against the use of the Afrikaans language, which was the language forced on them by their Dutch oppressors!

Today, the boys and young men on a Missouri college football team showed the old Toms, Jemimas, Jezebels and Sambos how to get the 21st century oppressor’s attention!

Prayer is good, but justice, liberty and correctness is not so much about the prayer, the march or the holding of hands and locking arms to sing “We Shall Overcome”.

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In a capitalist society like America, it’s all about the Benjamins!

The athletes and students at the University of Missouri got exactly what they wanted when they decided to hurt the school’s cash flow.

Missouri and every other major college in America, uses and abuses Black, and other, athletes. They make millions for themselves and make millions to pay coaches and they make millions to pay their friends to provide products and services desired by the college teams!

Those young students united and got what they wanted, an insensitive, uncaring devilish school president to resign!

Young people, listen to me now, read this column and take notes!

Capital is the primary motivating factor in any capitalist country! Focus less on the rally and the march and focus more on the money!

Just think what would happen if Black and other athletes that can’t get a bus ticket to go home, can’t buy a ball cap or a shirt, that can’t afford Uber or a taxi ride, that can’t afford to go see a movie, united and said we want to make money off of college games like the college devils do?

Don’t take my word for it, the perfect time to take a united stand would be right before “March Madness”! Money will be made off of tickets, off of TV and broadcasting rights and off of paraphernalia that bears their numbers and their likenesses!

Boot-lickers, buck dancers and handkerchief heads shut your damn mouths. In 2015, the truth came from the mouths of babes!

Young people around the world rise up and unite! (Buy Lucius Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” on and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)