The Perfect Public Sevant


It’s November 2015 and for the next 12 months politicians and their surrogates will be parading through America’s African American neighborhoods telling Black people to vote for this or that candidate.

Why? Because the United States Presidential Elections will be held in November 2016 and the political vampires are full aware that no national candidate will be able to win a rat race without considerable Black voter help.

Four years ago, many people in office right now got there riding on the coattails of current President Barack Obama.

In 2015 there will be no Obama coattails because Obama will be term limited, meaning he can’t run for a second reelection. But the tricky political devils will find some Negro to run for national or statewide office in every state.

The political parties won’t fund the campaigns of Blacks running for office. In fact, they won’t help Black candidates at all because history shows that Black votes are always taken for granted while women, Hispanics, gays and every other group will be courted and begged for their votes.

Anyway, what should Black voters do? Who should be the choice of voters in our communities?

Well, why can’t we chose the perfect public servant?

Every politician will lie and say he or she is the best candidate, the most experienced candidate and the one most worthy of Black votes.

Negroes will endorse whoever they think will give them a job but no one will tell you who is the very best candidates to vote for but The Gantt Report!

Now read carefully.

The political incumbents, or the ones currently in office, will usually have the best chance of getting votes because in a capitalist society oftentimes, if not at all times,  votes and elections can be bought and incumbents can raise the most money.

It is easy to recognize a political incumbent. They are the men and women that want voters to bow down to them. They are the ones that can walk into the government buildings without be searched.

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The incumbents are the ones given silly looking lapel pins so they can recognize each other. They are the ones that get the best front row tables and seats at the legislative receptions and galas.

The incumbents are mostly the ones that suck up to the federal and sate associations and their high paid lobbyists while turning up their noses to you and other voters!

No matter how many times you vote to reelect an incumbent you’ll never get to talk to them after Election Day. They won’t take your calls, they won’t respond to your emails and don’t go to sleep and dream about getting a meeting with most of them to discuss your concerns.

The best politician to vote for may or may not be an incumbent. The best politician to vote for is the true public servant!

The only thing elected officials are required to do is pass a budget. That means they are only required to divide up your tax dollars, your fee money, your license money, your toll money and other federal, state and or local dollars that they get from the people.

However, what every elected public servant from the President on down to the Commissioners in the smallest cities and counties in the nation should be doing is serving you!

The politicians you have been voting for vote for everything for everybody else before they even consider voting for something for you.

The best schools are not in your neighborhood. The best roads are not in your neighborhood. The best clinics and hospitals are not in your neighborhood. The safest and most police protected communities are not in your neighborhoods. The best malls, shops and grocery stores are not in your neighborhood.

The main things that your neighborhood have that others do not have are churches and liquor stores!

Everybody looking for your vote should line themselves up in front of the Capitol, the Courthouse, the City Hall and the county government building and ask every citizen and voter that walks by, “What can I do for you?”

We don’t need political heroes; we need politicians that will serve Black people and Black communities!

The best political candidates are the one’s that desire to be the perfect public servants!  (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” on and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)