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The Republicans have been the Epitome of Chaos and Confusion

The third Republican Debate is history, and this one was a bigger circus than the other two. In terms of entertainment, the ratings were excellent, and everyone is pointing a finger at the mess on stage. But, this was CNBC’s most-viewed event in the network’s history, with 14 million viewers, and advertisements were ringing in at $250,000 a piece. Even though everyone in the Republican Party was embarrassed by their performance, everyone took a full suitcase of money home.When the first question asked by the narrators was to ask Governor John Kascich of what he thought of Donald Trump’s unrealistic platform, he told the truth, and everyone knew the fight was on. To begin with, the Republicans candidates don’t like each other, and the two front-runners have no record in politics. There are 1,300 candidates in America who have filled out paperwork for the job of president, and it appears that the majority of them are Republicans.

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When Trump the front-runner talks about rounding up 10 million illegal aliens and sending them home, the majority of Americans know this thinking is illusionary and a joke. When Ben Carson, the second leading candidate in the race says on national television that his tax plan is to use the 10% tithing approach, there is something fundamentally wrong with his math, and his thinking for America.

The Republicans may be outraged with the questions they were asked in the debate, but they were generated by the answers and viewpoints of the candidates. When the third leading candidate Marco Rubio has missed 34% of his votes as a new Senator, and his personal finances is in shambles, the narrators have a responsibility to do their job and ask hard questions. When there are 10 candidates on stage answering questions, it is hard to maintain control and the Republicans is the problem.

From the very first debate Trump showed little respect for his colleagues on the stage, and now the Republican candidates want a serious debate with easy questions, like the Democrats. They fail to understand that news moderators develop their questions from candidates’ record, websites, and what they say during interviews. When your numbers don’t add up or your statements don’t make sense, the narrators have an obligation to hold the candidates feet to the fire.

The Republican candidates have decided to blame the chaos and confusion on the Republican leadership, and CNBC. But, maybe there is something wrong with the Republican Party, when most of their plans are unworkable, and they refuse to tell the truth about the president’s administration. When the president has 67 consecutive months of private-sector job growth and created 13 million new jobs, it is time to start with the truth.

The Republicans can continue to lie to America, and Trump and Carson can start a revolt in the Republican Party. But, they will continue to look stupid and place the blame on everyone, but themselves.

After all the foolishness on stage, the GOP has a tax plan that favors the rich and wealthy, and it proves they don’t care about the needs of the nation. They only want to cut taxes for the large corporations and the upper percentage of the income population says the Conservative Tax Foundation. All the GOP candidates are working for the powerful and wealthy, and Trump is working for himself.

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On many different levels politics is a game and it is very hard to separate the truth from a lie. But, debates give the voter insight on what the candidates stand for, and if they can think quickly on their feet. When Republican presidential candidates give silly answers, they must expect more silly questions.

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