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This is Your Year

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt
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Every year around this time I tell my family, friends and loved ones “This will be your year”!

I am right but in all seriousness, the change in years and dates have nothing to do with it.

We all have to make it our year! We have to make a new day!

Too many of us still feel a need to be dependent. We think we need a savior. We think we need a benefactor. We think we need a protector. We think we need an inheritance.

What we really need is a mind change!

In 2016, African Americans will be told we need a President, a Congressman or a Councilman that will make our lives and our communities better.

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Well, we got a Black President eight years ago and we still suffered as a race. Black American lives did not matter. Black communities did not prosper. Black schools did not flourish. And, Black children continued to get beaten, shot and killed in broad daylight!

We need land and we need money! If you don’t know, revolutions are fought for land!

Smart phones, luxury cars and expensive jewelry didn’t get us more respect. They didn’t get us better housing or better jobs or better health care.

In 2016 we need to do more for ourselves.

Don’t take my word for it but nobody cares about us but us!

You can talk about diversity, inclusion and all of that kind of stuff but at the end of the day the only businesses that really seek to hire Black  employees are Black businesses.

Start your own business and patronize the businesses of your brothers and sisters.

Expand your customer base and your clients on a worldwide scale. Africans would love to do business with credible, professional African American business people. Blacks in the Caribbean, in South America and in other places want your expertise, want your products and want your services!

There are more Black people on earth than there are white people so act like you know it! That means there are more Black customers on earth than there are white customers!

Self hate is keeping us subservient.

When we increase our love for each other, our support for each other and begin to spend more of our money with each other, then we will be better off.

Happy New Year to the readers and supporters of The Gantt Report. Thank you for all you have done for me and for all you can do for yourself and for people in the world that are just like you!  (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” on Amazon.com and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at www.allworldconsultants.net. And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)

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Lucius Gantthttp://www.allworldfinancialgroup.com
Lucius is a contributing columnist to NNPA newspapers around the nation, and the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing,” available on Amazon.com and from bookstores everywhere.

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