Advocate announces new fan-focused partnership

Some passionate fans all decked out in team jerseys. Photo courtesy of
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Passionate fans, some decked out in team jerseys; all on hand to support their team.  Photo courtesy of

ORLANDO (BNN)– Whether it’s cheering on our high school or college school team, a child, some other relative or friend, all of us are sports fans on some level.  Some of us simply follow the results of the games and keep tabs on the team.  Some of us, though, never miss a game. 

Some fans make the rest of us scratch our heads in amazement.  They follow their favorite teams around the country.  Some go to what might seem to extreme, the ultimate expression of fan-aticism– body art.  Every sports fan is a vital part of the industry’s explosive growth.  We salute their dedication and commitment to the exciting world of sports.

The Advocate has partnered with What A Fan, Inc, an organization dedicated to celebrating fans of all genres in both collegiate and professional athletics for their contributions to sports, to provide an interesting and insightful look into the lives of the sports fan-atic.  What A Fan‘s “Fan Man” will introduce you to each week to a fan whose love of the sport (all sports are on the table) and his or her team warrants our ooh-ahh attention.

So, tune in as we introduce you over the next several months to some of the world’s most dedicated, devoted and passionate fan-atics– from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  Because sports is universal.

Maybe you’re a fan who ought to be celebrated.  If you are, let us know.   Or if you know of someone who deserves our accolades (or some major looks of astonishment or horror), let us know.  We love sports fans, and we hope you do, too.  We lead off our new series with sports fan Dennis Moss.

See you in the huddle!