Public Policy Poll: Demings Dominates Rivals


Orlando, FL – According to a recent poll commissioned by the Demings campaign and conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), Former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings enjoys a commanding statistical leads over primary rivals in the 10th Congressional District.

According to PPP, Chief Demings garners support from all demographics of the Democratic Party, and is the preferred candidate among blacks, whites, Hispanics, women, men, young voters, and seniors.  The commissioned survey says Demings holds a strong 20-point advantage, leading State Senator Geraldine Thompson by 44% to 24%, with former Florida Democratic Party Chairman Bob Poe trailing behind with 7%.  Twenty-five percent (25%) of likely primary voters are still undecided.  Demings’ popularity is driving her support.

The survey also says that Demings holds a 55%  favorable opinion among primary voters, exceeding the favorable ratings of both rivals Sen. Thompson and Bob Poe.

“The overwhelming support indicated by Public Policy Polling’s survey is a result of Chief Demings’ work in the community and her 30-year record of service and problem-solving leadership,” said Campaign Manager, Danielle Decker. “Because Chief Demings nearly defeated an incumbent in a seat gerrymandered to safeguard Republicans, Democrats here and throughout the nation recognize her strength and potential to bring real change to Central Florida.”

The topline poll results and PPP memo are available below.

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