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Devine Intervention: Out With Debbie, In With Tad

Erica Payne, Founder and Board Member, Agenda Project

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Win or lose, Bernie Sanders’ campaign should be considered one of the most pivotal in the Democratic Party’s history. 

The enthusiasm and anger that propelled him from a little-known Senator from a small state, polling in the single digits, to a nationwide rockstar posing an existential threat to one of the largest, most powerful political operations this country has ever seen isn’t going anywhere. Not after the primary is unofficially over. Not after the primary is actually officially over. And particularly not after this presidential election is over. 

The passionate millennials who brought Bernie Sanders this far — and who could still deliver him to the White House — are the future Democratic Party. This is something every member of the “establishment” needs to wrap their mind around now, before its too late. 

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