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New Study Found Testosterone Treatment To Be Effective

In a new study from the University of Florida Health and published New England Journal of Medicine, researchers have established that testosterone treatments do include some benefits.

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The paper takes a critical look at the first three of seven trials conducted in a long-term study dubbed The Testosterone Trials, or the TTrials. Researchers analyzed the results of the first three trials, which looked at sexual function, physical function, and vitality (including mood and depressive symptoms along with walking speed and distance).

The study found that the treatment did indeed improve all aspects of sexual function, including sexual activity and desire and the ability to get an erection in men ages 19 through 40 with moderately low blood testosterone levels.

A 2003 report from the Institute of Medicine said that there was not proficient evidence to support the beneficial effect of testosterone treatments. It was the catalyst for the TTrails, which now are the largest scale trials examining the use of the treatment. After the discouraging 2003 statement, the new results are heartening for many men, especially as research has shown that up to one in four men over 30 have low testosterone levels.

Dr. Peter Snyder of the University of Pennsylvania, who helped lead the research team, said, “The trial showed that testosterone treatment of these men improved their sexual function, their mood, and reduced depressive symptoms — and perhaps also improved walking.”

The trials screened around 51,000 men and found 790 who suffered low T levels. The subjects were then randomized into two groups: one that applied a daily testosterone gel, and the other, a control, that applied a placebo gel.

However, Marc Pahor, M.D., a co-author of the paper and the director of University of Florida Institute on Aging commented on the cardiovascular risks of testosterone treatment.

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“A larger and longer-term trial will be needed to have more definitive results regarding saftey,” Pahor said. “However, this trial did not confirm earlier, smaller trials that raised serious concerns regarding cardiovascular safety.”

Regardless, the confirmation of the benefits of testosterone treatment will be welcome news to many men across the United States.

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