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Dear Sandy B: I can hardly believe that a mother would insist that a 13 year old girl be arrested for pinching her son’s butt at school. I guess she had not thought about the fact that this arrest could affect the female student for the rest of her life by labeling her a sex offender. There has to be a better way to handle this kind of thing. What would you suggest?
LaVerne, Orlando
Dear Laverne: I think the sex offender label is takin’ it too far. BUT, let’s reverse this situation and a male 13 year old student pinches a girl’s butt. Folks would be in a serious uproar. We owe our kinds some education ‘bout how serious this messin’ around can be. AND, I’m not so sure it’s all messin’ around. Kids are now highly sexualized from as early as the third grade. Some want to copy what they hear in songs and what they see on TV. Nowhere in their bird brains does messin’ around register as an illegal act. Luckily for the student involved, the judge made her act a teaching moment and gave her an opportunity to get some coaching in lieu of charges if she finishes the program.
Dear SandyB: Every time I see that Trump dude, I really get pissed off. This is serious because it makes me want to curse out anybody around me who speaks in support of him, especially on my job. It’s gotten so that I now actually dislike several folks that I used to have respect for. What’s your take on this Trump madness?
Darious, Eatonville
Dear Darious: I suggest that you not let that Trump clown make you lose your gig. I refuse to waste even an inch of the Advocate print space on him. We can dialogue over  email.
Dear SandyB: I used to brag to my northern friends about how great Orlando is. I am almost embarrassed to speak about it anymore because of all of the shootings that have taken place in and around the city almost daily. I am also afraid to go out at night anymore. The recent violence has affected my ability to fully enjoy going out like I used to. Do you think there is  a chance that things will get better?
Lawanza, Orlando
Dear Lawanza: Sad to say I think this shootin’ mess is out of control, here and everywhere. These punks don’t know how to throw down, and most think they ain’t gonna get caught when they shoot some body. Law enforcement has gotten better and those clowns are heading straight to “three hots and a cot”. The current shortage in law enforcement sure can’t help the situation. I can only suggest that you stay alert, and when you see something goin’ down, “get to steppin’”.
Grandma’s Gem:  The devil is a lie!
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