Is the Republican Party Ready to Support Donald Trump?

This is a photo of Roger Caldwell, an NNPA columnist and long-time contributor to the Advocate
Roger Caldwell is an NNPA Columnist and a long-time contributor to the Advocate

It’s official; Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee for the office of President of the United States in 2016. Trump is a phenomenon who politically came from nowhere, and now it appears he cannot be stopped.

This is not a dream, a bad nightmare or a drunken person talking. This is a fact that America must live with. Here is a man that says politicians can say whatever they want, and it does not matter how ridiculous it may sound. The most powerful country on earth is in the process of letting a con man lie his way into a position of leadership in the free world.

Donald Trump is a corrupt businessman who is connected to gangsters, and his fraudulent business practices have an army of lawyers fighting lawsuits and indictments in court. As he is running for the office of president, he will also be in court because he swindled hundreds of people out of their money. He has been called a pathological liar by his colleagues, and his constant use of profanity is unprofessional and disrespectful.

His campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” are code words geared toward turning the clock back where White privilege and power controls the world though violence and military force. As Trump hurls insults at progressive, principled visionary leadership, his 95% White supporters chant “USA! USA!” would like to believe that America could be lily White again.

But the leadership in the Republican Party, starting with the Republican National Committee, understands that the party must be inclusive and more diverse. There is a shift taking place in America and Blacks, Hispanics, women, youth, and immigrants in the next decade will decide the outcomes of all elections.

As the demographics continue to shift, there is a legitimate reason why the top elected Republican, Paul Ryan, was not ready to endorse Donald Trump as of last week.

Ryan, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said conservatives wanted to know if Trump shares their values. “I hope to support our nominee. I hope to support his candidacy fully. At this point, I’m just not there right now” Ryan said on CNN.

CNN also reached out to 16 Republican elected officials, leaders, and major fundraisers and their statements and positions were surprising. George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, former Vice President, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Senator John McCain, have stated that they will skip the convention. Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake told CNN “some of Trump’s positions make it very difficult for me to support him.”

Everyone knows this is the second week that Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee, and there is a total disruption in the Republican leadership and old guard. Many pundits say that Trump has high-jacked the Republican base by selling lies that he will never be able to initiate or execute. Nevertheless, the Republican [White] party can believe Trump’s hateful rhetoric where he states he will send 11 or 12 million illegal immigrants back to their homeland.

There is nothing logical or coherent about Trump’s political message, but everyone must remember that politicians can say whatever they want, and it is only a promise. If it sounds good today, Trump will use it, and tomorrow, he will say something different. Con men do what they are good at, and that is lying.

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It is no way the Republican Party is ready to unite under Trump who’s at the top of the GOP ticket. As Republican leadership is under pressure to unite the party, Trump is on a different page. No one knows how things will end up, but at this time, Republicans are divided and things are a mess.